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How to Unblock Hack bypass Websense to Access Sites

How to Unblock Hack bypass Websense to Access Sites

Hey Friends Welcome Back , Today I am going to share a tutorial on " How to Unblock or Hack or Bypass Websense to Access sites in Office or College". Note: The techniques are also applicable to bypass or hack any firewall like Cyberoam etc. As we know , Most offices has Websense Firewall to restrict the access to various websites. Sometimes this frustrates users as they are not being able to browse things freely.So Guys Read On..

First of all I would like to provide basic information about Websense. How it works and restricts users to access web freely.Websense blocks the website on basis of two things :
1. Category: Websense divides all the Websites over the internet in some categories like commercial, Business, Entertainment etc. Websense blocks the particular category completely means all websites of that categories are blocked.
2. Based on Meta Keyword : Websense regularly identifies certain keywords and add them to its database of blocked keywords. Now if any of these keyword is included in the Website TITLE or URL then it will be automatically blocked.

1. Cached Copy Hack
Note: This hack doesn't work on Websites blocked by second Websense Technology. But all the websites blocked by first category can be easily accessed.
When you search anything using google In the each search result there are two things in blue color prior to URL i.e Cached and Similar. To view that blocked Website You have to click on Cached as Shown on the snapshot..

Most Websites can be opened using this Technique but some websites require some more efforts. You have to do some more ting like you have to remove certain codes from the Cached URL as shown below...


Hope this will help you to access almost all blocked websites except social networking one's.

2. Finding a Good Proxy
You can also bypass Websense using several proxy sites. Note: Most of the proxy sites will be blocked after one or two days. So you have to search for proxies regularly. But  I have an easy method to find proxies..
you have to use the cached copy hack to find the daily proxy websites...
Method to Find Proxy:
Open the Google and In search Query column type "tech-faq Proxy" without quotes. Now open the Cached copy of the website. Here you will find daily new proxy list now you have to copy the proxy URL's and check for working Proxies.
Now using proxy you can unblock any Website but I will advice don't open Social Networking sites and Emails using these.
3. Using Cloud Computing (Virtual Operating System)
For Opening Gmail ,gtalk,Yahoo,hotmail means all email clients you can use virtual operating system. For this you have to register on cloud computing website. After that you will get Virtual computer online which you can use anywhere in the world just you need a internet connection.
Some Virtual Operating Websites are:

4. Bypass or Unblock Downloading RESTRICTION
In most corporate offices you have download restrictions. I will tell you the basic simple method to bypass all downloading restrictions. Just follow the following instructions.
Open the Internet Explorer then go to Tools then to Internet Options and Then Click on Security Tab. Now Click on internet Icon and then on default level and then click on Local Internet and then again on default level and then on Trusted Sites and Again on default level then click On apply.
Now you will be able to download anything without any restriction. Enjoy happy downloading...

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